Golden Path Travel & Tourism

Your way to the world

Golden Path makes travel easier than getting in and out of your home. We offer high quality services to both governmental and non-governmental organizations, starting from choosing your preferred seat on the air plane at the time of your choice, to spending the  most pleasurable time anywhere in the world whether the purpose was for business or pleasure.

With us running your businesses will be smoother, more flexible and efficient. We have the perfect networking system and business and travel professionals who can make your hard work a picnic.


Our Services


We provide you with a guaranteed quick response airline ticketing services through our extensive network with national and international airlines. We take you to your destination the way you want, the time you want.


We guarantee the best accommodation services in the best worldwide hotels, apartments or extravagant houses, wherever you feel comfortable.

We love to serve you

At Golden Path we work hard  to provide a range of services tailored to your needs, and as a result of our experience in dealing with VIPs and with governmental and non-governmental organizations we know exactly what our customers want, we are proud to provide the following services


We organize workshops and training in terms of logistics, booking rooms and halls, receiving delegations, providing logistical needs, and overseeing the success of training courses, conferences, seminars and exhibitions. Enjoy the service of Golden Avenue, which we developed with Avenue International and Awardbrand

We provide training and professional development services in the following areas:

·       information technology.

·       Project management and preparation for the PM PRO exam.

·       Oil and gas.

·       We provide training and professional development services in the following areas:

·       Technical and engineering training in various engineering fields: electricity, communications, oil, architecture, civil engineering.

·       Teaching English to beginners or developing speaking skills, writing and listening.

·       Management and general skills.

·       Information and Communication Technology.

·       Occupational and environmental safety and health.